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Alexandre Winkler


Homeopath and integrated Health Practitioner

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I practice exclusively with natural, safe and non-addictive substances, and resort to a large range of natural remedies such as herbal mother tinctures, Bach Flowers, Schüssler salts (or tissue salts), bowel nosodes, and other homeopathic remedies (from low to highly potentised states, traditional remedies and more recent ones from the Guild of homeopaths).


In a psychodynamic and holistic framework, I explore with my patients the roots of the health concerns they are experiencing, not only considering the physical location or their 'material origin' but also their hereditary, nutritional, behavioural, emotional, mental, and spiritual ramifications. The nature of the condition, its duration, intensity and how this state of illness is experienced will determine the type of treatment that will be tailor-made to my patients’ needs.

Hereafter are some of the ways that I approach to help my patients:

·       Trigger a natural detoxification process

·       Stimulate the vital force and alleviate the ill effects of stress

·       Boost the immune system and optimise energy levels

·       Support mental wellbeing and relax the mind

·       Enhance sleep and general physical wellbeing

·       Balance hormonal activity and support fertility and pregnancy

·       Neutralise predispositions that may potentially cause disease.

One of my objectives is also to establish a timeline of my patients' life centered around the moment that their complaint started. My patients often find this particularly helpful in order to connect the dots between various life events that seemed dissociated until then. This in turn paves the way towards a stronger sense of self-awareness and personal empowerment over one's own health and life.

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